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Leading Cities Contracting


AVM assisted LCC, a leading contracting company in Saudi Arabia, in its digital marketing journey by providing comprehensive branding services. LCC offers a diverse range of services, including contracting, renovation, architectural design, and more. Our objective was to establish a strong and cohesive brand identity for LCC that resonated with their target audience and set them apart from their competitors.

Work Done

We began by designing a professional and visually appealing logo that captured the essence of LCC’s services and reflected their expertise and reliability. The logo symbolizes LCC’s identity, incorporating a group of buildings that reflect LCC’s services and mission. 

We used a fresh vibrant blue color to make it more eye-catching with a minimalistic font to convey the company’s modern approach.
To showcase LCC’s extensive range of services and capabilities, AVM created a comprehensive and visually appealing company profile. We worked closely with LCC’s team to gather detailed information about their services, projects, and accomplishments. Our expert copywriters crafted compelling content that effectively communicated LCC’s expertise and commitment to quality.
We also created an engaging company profile layout, incorporating high-quality imagery and well-structured content. Design elements were carefully selected to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of LCC’s profile and align with its brand identity.
AVM’s branding efforts played a vital role in elevating LCC’s digital presence and establishing a strong brand identity. The newly designed logo, company profile, and consistent visual elements helped LCC stand out in a competitive market.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional branding solutions positions AVM as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to create a compelling brand image and make a lasting impact in their respective markets.


AVM helped LCC, establish a strong brand identity through comprehensive branding services…

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