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Snapshot is a startup business provider of smart Home accessories in UAE and Lebanon. 

AVM had the privilege of creating an impactful brand identity for Snapshot through logo design and establishing its social media presence.

Our comprehensive understanding of their vision and target audience allowed us to deliver a compelling logo and set up effective social media accounts to propel Snapshot’s online presence.

Our work helped Snapshot establish a strong visual presence, engage with its target audience effectively, and establish a solid foundation for its e-commerce journey in the smart home accessories market.

Work Done

Snapshot’s logo is a critical component of its brand identity. AVM worked closely with the Snapshot team to develop a logo that encapsulates its essence, conveying innovation, simplicity, and sophistication.

Our design process began with extensive research into the industry and competitors. This enabled us to identify key design elements that differentiate Snapshot from others in the market.

To establish Snapshot’s online presence, AVM strategized and executed the setup of their social media accounts across various platforms. These included Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter. We understood the significance of a cohesive brand image and implemented consistent branding elements across all channels.

We created compelling profile visuals, including cover images, profile pictures, and bio descriptions. These visuals effectively communicate Snapshot’s value proposition and captured potential customers’ attention.

We are proud to have played a significant role in Snapshot’s early stages and are excited to continue supporting their growth and success in the future.


AVM had the privilege of creating a brand identity for Snapshot through logo design and establishing its social media presence.