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WHOS’IN social media/ Visual Direction

At AVM, we had the privilege of partnering with WHOS’IN to establish and elevate their brand and visual identity. Our collaboration went beyond mere design; we worked hand-in-hand to craft a compelling visual direction that truly resonated with WHOS’IN audience.

From the inception of WHOS’IN’s brand identity to the development of its visual assets, we ensured every element reflected its unique personality and mission. We crafted engaging social media posts and visuals, capturing the essence of WHOS’IN and sparking interest among their target demographics.

Our involvement didn’t stop there. We took charge of managing ads to promote the WHOS’IN app, strategically targeting Dubai’s nightlife scene. Through our efforts, we effectively showcased the app’s features, including its innovative invitation system, integrated chat functionality, enticing discounts, and a comprehensive directory of offers and events in Dubai.

But our partnership with WHOS’IN extends beyond the realm of branding and marketing. AVM took on the challenge of developing the WHOS’IN app itself, providing end-to-end support to bring their vision to life. From conceptualization to execution, we ensured a seamless user experience that encapsulates the essence of Dubai’s vibrant nightlife scene.

In summary, our collaboration with WHOS’IN encompassed not only building a brand and visual identity but also creating a captivating visual direction, managing ad campaigns, and developing a user-friendly app. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in bringing WHOS’IN to life and contributing to its success in Dubai’s dynamic nightlife landscape.

Discover the transformative partnership between AVM and WHOS’IN, where meticulous brand development, visual crafting, and app innovation converged to redefine Dubai’s nightlife experience.

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