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7NIGHTS is a renowned platform in Dubai that promotes dining offers and deals for various venues in the city. 7NIGHTS aimed to enhance the overall user experience through improved functionality, new features, and enhanced search and navigation capabilities. We worked together on the development and upgrading of 7NIGHTS app to improve its usability and user satisfaction.

Work Done

The collaboration started with a comprehensive analysis of the existing app to identify areas for improvement. After gathering the requirements and understanding the needs of the users, AVM implemented enhancements to the apps’ functionality to ensure a seamless user experience.

We integrated the Laravel PHP framework which provides scalability, rapid page loading, a modular view controller architecture, more security, better app performance, and ensures compatibility with various devices and operating systems.

Through AVM’s contributions, 7NIGHTS app witnessed significant improvements, resulting in a more engaging and user-friendly experience for its users. The functionality enhancements and new features allowed users to explore a wide range of dining offers and deals seamlessly. The improved search and navigation systems made it easier for users to discover their preferred venues and access exclusive discounts effortlessly.

The collaborative efforts between AVM Development and the 7NIGHTS team resulted in an enhanced app that gained positive feedback from users and improved overall customer satisfaction.

Looking for impactful app development? AVM optimizes 7NIGHTS app (Dubai) for seamless search & navigation, boosting user experience.

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